Running extension locally

  • Checkout the repository.
  • Install node modules by executing yarn install.
  • Run yarn watch and this will compile the extension scripts.
  • Run yarn ui in a separate terminal and this will start the webpack dev server for the UI.
  • Run the Run Extension VSCode task to launch the extension.
  • You can also visit http://localhost:9000/ in the browser to view the UI separately.

A few lines on the tech and the folder structure

  • The frontend is built with React and mobx-state-tree. The code for the frontend is in src/ui directory.
  • The entry point of the extension is src/extension/extension.ts.
  • The frontend communicates to the local node server via a GraphQL API. The API code is in src/extension/services directory.
  • The main component of the project is the Indexer which analyses the source code and provides various information to the UI. The Indexer is in srx/indexer directory.
  • The entities which are shared by the GraphQL API and the frontend can be found in src/entities directory.